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  • HOPE
    Severe Burns
    Treatment for 39 days improved mobility, increased healing speed. HOPE was also successfully re-homed.

    Severe Trauma, Tendon Contracture, Lymphatic Obstruction w/ Chronic Edema
    Patient has had no setback, remains pain free and active - Resuming historical behaviour and activities without setback.

  • NOAH
    Severe Trauma, Multiple Fractures
    After 10 sessions of Laser Therapy Treatment - complete weight baring on both paws, incisions healed and extensive hair growth.
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TECHNIK Technology is a British manufacturer of most things veterinary. We produce veterinary equipment in our state of the art 8,500 sq. metre factory where we manufacture high quality kennels, kennel runs, walk in kennel doors, operating tables both V-top ad flat top, examination, consulting , lift, and tub tables. We also manufacture stainless steel surgeons scrub sinks in fact if it is stainless steel and it’s in a veterinary surgery we make it. 
We are an innovative company with fifteen design engineers coming up with new products for you the vet and your practice. We are happy to sit and discuss your requirements with you, turn it into a drawing and digital rendering and then turn your dream into reality. We also offer a bespoke products service second to none along with our complete practice design consultancy service taking you from design through to implementation and installation.
We listen to our clients first and foremost. Our design team balances the visionary process with cost, function, and environment issues working with materials as well as working with stainless steel we  work with other materials such as glass, plastic, laminates, etc to offer a complete range to meet that vision.
In addition to being a leading manufacterer, we are very proud to distribute Medical Illumination lighting which we have done for the last eighteen years. We are also a distributor of Brandon Lighting, LID Eclairages and are the Professional Partner of Miele for the animal care sector. We carry various other agencies and it is fair to say that with our long established connections that if you want it we can get it.

Make TECHNIK your one stop shop for all things Veterinary.