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Brandon Optica LED Magnifiers and Woods Lights

Optica MDV is the only LED magnifier on the market which can be ceiling mounted. This medical device approved magnifier comes as standard and there is an optional UV Woods Light, ideal for veterinary use.

The Optica can be used for a wide range of applications including dermatology, dentistry, veterinary medicine and monitoring sterilised products. The Optica Woods Light can be used to diagnose a wide range of conditions including favus and types of intertrigo. The light uses UV to pick up on skin conditions that may be missed using a standard LED light. Other Woods lights require the room to be completely blackened before use, yet due to the powerful BLB LEDs within this Optica Woods Light, it can function without this.

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Product Name Price Qty
Optica LED wall mounted -
SKU: 982/002204
Optica LED desk mounted -
SKU: 982/002201
Optica UV Woods Light rail mounted -
SKU: 982/002208
Optica LED ceiling mounted -
SKU: 982/002205
Optica LED mobile -
SKU: 982/002202
Optica UV Woods Light wall mounted -
SKU: 982/002209
Optica UV Woods Light desk mounted -
SKU: 982/002206
Optica LED rail mounted -
SKU: 982/002203
Optica UV Woods Light ceiling mounted -
SKU: 982/002210
Optica UV Woods Light mobile -
SKU: 982/002207

  • 6,000 LUX @ 0.15m
  • The large magnifier diameter of 157mm combined with 1.9x (3.5dpt) magnification allows the user to focus on fine details through a large scale view
  • Optional UV Woods Light
  • Available in mobile, desk, wall, rail and ceiling mounts
  • Reinforced friction joints and an aluminium spring balanced arm allows a broad reach of up to 142cm without the lamp head drifting
  • Colour Temperature daylight white 6,500°K
  • Environmentally friendly