G-Force MKII Hand Dryer

This easy install brushed satin stainless steel hand dryer has a plug-in back plate supplied with fast connectors for wiring purposes and phased installation. The cover and workings of the hand dryer can be connected to the back plate without the need for an electrician once any decoration has finished, saving time and money.

  • 3 year warranty and average motor lifespan of 12 years
  • Dry time: 10-12 Seconds (on max power)
  • Cost per 1000 dries: 32p - 63p (95.8 - 97.9% saving against paper towels)
  • Rated Power: 0.42 kW - 1.5 kW | 2.68 - 5.24 Wh per dry (Internal on / off heater switch and adjustable motor speed)
  • Plug-in system phased installation for quick and easy fitting and maintenance
  • Very vandal resistant – comes with a number of anti-vandal features and excellent build quality
  • Customisable noise and energy levels to suit your needs and location
  • Dimensions: W213 x H330 x D170
  • CE, UL, cUL, DV-GS, RoHS and Greenspec approved
  • Long life motor
SKU CODE: 517/27283

Highly adjustable, you can run this at just 420W for enhanced energy efficiency! Full speed gives fast 12-15 second dry times and switching the heater element on or off is possible to condition the unit to user requirements or to lower energy use and costs. With a heater element of just 400W, which can be switched off altogether, you are able to add instant comfort to the hands in colder environments, an option not readily available in other high speed hand dryers. This is a high-quality, robust product that we would recommend for mid to high traffic areas (300-500 uses per day).

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