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Canine Hydrotherapy

Rehab & Therapy

TECHNIK Technology’s range of veterinary rehabilitation products are leaders in their class. With pools, ultrasound and stimulation therapy available for you to offer an additional service to your patients.

We also manufacture and develop the original HYDRO PHYSIO underwater treadmills. HYDRO PHYSIO represents veterinary rehabilitation in animals to another level, with full 360 degree viewing, twin opening doors, remote control and touch screen control, the treadmill can alter speed, direction, depth of water and temperature, allowing the treatment per patient to be completely individual.

The treadmill is perfect for user and operator alike, with side platforms within the treadmill to ensure patients taking their first steps after surgery or injury can be supported both physically and mentally within the temperature controlled water.

Owning a hydrotherapy treadmill allows you to offer a complete veterinary rehabilitation for your patients, improve client retention and satisfaction. Our specialists can arrange for a demonstration to see how this innovative underwater treadmill can work for you.

Hydrotherapy Treadmills

The canine hydrotherapy treadmills from HYDRO PHYSIO are designed with continuous input from veterinary professionals. The treadmill systems are the market leader and the first choice for Hydrotherapists and specialist rehabilitation facilities.

HYDRO PHYSIO can greatly assist with the health and welfare of patients, offering therapy both pre and post op can help to give patients the best possible outcome. Programs of veterinary recommended sessions may also be covered by pet insurance policies.

The benefits to offering underwater treadmills in your practice are many; from gait and posture correction to weightloss and rehabilitation.

Available in standard or extended length, the aquatic treadmills have twin outward opening doors at either end, the ‘walk through’ design aids patient confidence and comfort.

The design of the canine hydrotherapy treadmills allows 360° viewing of the patient. Stride indicators and easy to use controls, ensure the therapist has complete confidence using the treadmill and analysing patients.

We understand buying a treadmill is a major decision. Many customers have their own finance in place, however for some this can be a minefield. We offer a variety of solutions with a wide range of funding schemes and providers (UK customers only).

For more information on our canine hydrotherapy treadmills and how you can create an additional revenue stream for your practice, please contact our sales team today.

Hydrotherapy Pools

Hydrotherapy pools assist in post-operative rehabilitation, pain management, weight loss and psychological wellbeing. These canine swimming pools provide a low impact exercise, which is gentle on ligaments and joints, helping to keep patients as comfortable and pain free as possible.