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Rehab & Therapy

Rehab & Therapy

TECHNIK Technology’s range of veterinary rehabilitation products are leaders in their class. With pools, ultrasound and stimulation therapy available for you to offer an additional service to your patients.

We also manufacture and develop the original HYDRO PHYSIO underwater treadmills. HYDRO PHYSIO represents veterinary rehabilitation in animals to another level, with full 360 degree viewing, twin opening doors, remote control and touch screen control, the treadmill can alter speed, direction, depth of water and temperature, allowing the treatment per patient to be completely individual.

The treadmill is perfect for user and operator alike, with side platforms within the treadmill to ensure patients taking their first steps after surgery or injury can be supported both physically and mentally within the temperature controlled water.

Owning a hydrotherapy treadmill allows you to offer a complete veterinary rehabilitation for your patients, improve client retention and satisfaction. Our specialists can arrange for a demonstration to see how this innovative underwater treadmill can work for yo