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Hygiene Cleaning & PPE

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Hygiene Cleaning & PPE

Hygiene, cleaning and the use of PPE are constant concerns in a veterinary environment. It is essential to invest in durable, hygienic PPE dispensers and ensure there are enough dispensers within your practice conveniently located where you’re likely to need PPE.

Utilising a number of multi-purpose PPE dispensers is ideal for housing a small amount of mixed PPE. Our vision panel PPE dispenser can hold mixed PPE in different sections and easily show PPE stock levels.

Dispensers are available for a large number of indispensable items such as aprons, disinfectant wipe tubs, hand sanitiser and gloves.

Create a hygienic wash station area near sinks with our paper towel or towel roll dispenser and a multipurpose PPE dispenser. Call our sales team to discuss our range of hygienic PPE dispensers today.