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Stainless Steel Dog Kennels

Options Available
Having the proper dog kennel supplies and equipment makes boarding dogs much easier, and more comfortable for them.

With this in mind TECHNIK stainless steel dog kennels designed and built to your requirements with over 40 Years of experience.
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TECHNIK kennels represents British manufacturing at its best, making us the vets first choice for kennels.

ALL our kennels are available with electric rails, due to their bespoke nature.

  • Minimum fixings on the front with no sharp edges for increased safety to patients and staff
  • Nudge to close locking system allow doors to be closed extremely easily, even when handling a patient
  • Easy to clean design with urine retaining lip as standard for increased hygiene
  • Rigid design means no plinth is necessary

Our dog kennels offer a variety of options including:

  • High level platforms to allow for storage underneath
  • Kennel cupboards both above and below allow for neat storage
  • Electrical and service rails allow for distributionof electrics and oxygen (available either as a top rail and/or itermediate divider)
  • End panels to finish off your installation
  • Kennel IV drip holders
  • Oxygen doors
  • Pill trays
  • Clipboards
  • Glass doors
  • Perspex doors

TECHNIK kennels come in a variety of sizes. We recommend the following sizes for dogs:

Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm)
650 500 700
650 650 700
650 800 700
866 650 700
866 800 700
1300 500 700 Dividable Units
1300 650 700 Dividable Units
1300 800 700 Dividable Units
1516 800 700 Dividable Units