Stainless steel double kennel 1516x800x700

Stainless steel double kennel 1516x800x700

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Stainless steel double kennel 1732x800x700

TECHNIK's stainless steel kennels are manufactured in the UK and supplied Worldwide. They are designed with specific features such as:

  • Made of high-quality 304-grade stainless steel, TECHNIK's kennels feature a unique design that eliminates the need for additional fixings.
  • Trim plates are included to prevent urine traps in the kennels.
  • Innovative design includes a full stainless steel frame and door assembly with a quiet close hinge and secure latch mechanism, reducing kennel noise and disturbance for a more peaceful experience for patients.
  • Size: 1732x800x700mm, and can be used alone or combined with other kennel sizes to create a customised configuration.
  • Manufactured in the UK and available for shipment worldwide.
SKU CODE: 1732x800x700

Quite simply, stainless steel means maintenance free. TECHNIK's production facility uses the most advanced computer-controlled laser cutting and robot welding, making the kennels' quality unbeatable. Using the thickest shell and door of any stainless steel kennel currently in production, all kennel parts are laser cut with smooth rounded edges.