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Door & Wall Protection

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Door & Wall Protection

TECHNIK Veterinary has a wide range of door and wall protection products. The range is designed to protect your walls and doors from the day to day damage of a busy thoroughfare.

Our door impact bumper strips provide doors with additional protection from impact caused by trolleys, equipment and staff. The bumper strips can be manufactured to the door size will increase the longevity of your doors.

The wall protection strips protect expensive wall finishes from damage. Bevelled profile at the top and bottom prevent the accumulation of dirt. A variety of thicknesses are available in a variety of colours (depending on thickness).

Impact resistant swing doors are ideal for busy traffic areas and our skirting boards protect and seal between walls and floor. All of our door and wall protection is designed to reduce the impact felt on doors and walls in busy traffic areas, protecting your environment from dirt accumulation and damage.

Contact our sales team today to discuss how a combination of our door and wall protection could provide durability of surface finish within your veterinary environment.