North Clwyd Animal Rescue (NCAR)
thrive in their every day mission of saving unwanted, abused or abandoned animals in the North Wales region. Not only do they offer animals a warm shelter, but they look after animals with the highest level of care and love.

As the number of abandoned animals has increased by up to 65% from 2007, animal charities are finding it harder to rehome abandoned pets and respond to calls from the public.  

With over 100 animals abandoned every day in the UK alone, the need for cat and dog kennels has also increased. North Clwyd Animal Rescue Centre have a well-equipped rescue centre including a kitten unit and 2 catteries, 6 kennel blocks and a brand new rabbit unit.

Looking to improve their existing cat cages, the initial enquiry identified the need for more kennels and help with tracking and storing the documentation for the animals. The charity also realised that the existing kennels did not provide an efficient use of the room and decided to refurbish the flooring to help maintain animal welfare.

Consequently, NCAR contacted TECHNIK Technology for their proven expertise in building kennel systems which provide durability, hygiene and easy cleaning.

After evaluating the project, the challenge for TECHNIK and North Clwyd Animal Rescue Centre was to design the best layout of cat kennels to utilise floor space, whilst providing as many kennels as possible. In order to keep the plastic cat kennel level on an uneven floor, TECHNIK provided the solution to create bespoke angle plinths to negate gradient and therefore to keep the bank straight.

Working as a charity and not receiving any government support, investments can be quite hard for NCAR. Nicky Owen, Media Relations and Fundraising Manager expressed her concerns regarding their strict budget: “Space is so important to us, but budget is a restriction; I would be ever so grateful if you could keep the costs as low as possible”. By fully assessing each requirement, TECHNIK walked the customer through the whole process. 


After the site visit, TECHNIK evaluated the size of the project and wrote a proposal including informative drawings in 3D. This elicited a positive response from the customer saying "We love the design. This matches our budget, whilst high quality to last!" TECHNIK started to work on manufacturing the plastic cat kennels, to meet the agreed installation date on the 1st April 2015.

Modifications like increasing the 14 narrow cages to 16 wider kennels which allow a better observation of the cats and also through un-obstructive clear glass fronts were made. The glass ensures more of a domestic environment rather than a clinical one making the kittens feel safe and comfortable. The durability of TECHNIK plastic kennels lays in the intelligent design and the quality of the material used to satisfy NCAR’s needs; Nicky Owen comments: “we hadn’t seen this type of kennel before, and were surprised just how quiet and comfortable they were”.



Cats prefer plastics kennels over stainless steel as they do not like the cold feel of metal under their paws.  TECHNIK has used a medical grade closed cell plastic that is unique. It does not harbour bacteria, it is fully submersible and it is very tough and durable with all joints fully solvent welded. 

Latches are quiet operation push button units that are patient friendly, therefore the cats will have their own privacy and high level of comfort. By integrating cupboards to each kennel column, North Clwyd Animal Rescue Centre can keep important documents of cat’s medical history.

TECHNIK take animal welfare seriously by providing the best veterinary equipment which has enabled North Clwyd Rescue Centre to add to their existing high animal welfare principles.

By providing the best veterinary solutions, TECHNIK is establishing a caring work ethic that complements the dedication of North Clwyd Animal Rescue Centre. Hygienic equipment is not just ordinary furniture; the kennels need to resist powerful detergents and high levels of moisture.

TECHNIK is proud to have worked closely with the ICC and developed a range of cat friendly kennels to meet the latest standards and requirements. The ability to then put these standards into place with a dedicated team of animal rescuers was a pleasure.

There was a clear need from NCAR to upgrade their cattery section to fall in line with their latest development on their site. The look and make-up of the new white plastic cat kennels provide a fresh feel to looking after cats in an animal welfare centre.

The North Clyde Animal Rescue Centre team often run fundraising events and 2015 is no different.  With their big fundraising event coming up soon, “it would be lovely to have the plastic cat kennels to show off to all the visitors (approx. 700 people)” Nicky Owen comments.

TECHNIK’s Director, Mr Matthew Rees comments: “It was a pleasure to work with North Clwyd Animal Rescue Centre. They are not only doing a fantastic job at rescuing animals and keeping them safe, they are dedicated to making their facilities some of the best in the UK.”

The outcome...