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Design Your Ideal Working Area Using Service Columns.

Imagine if a veterinary surgeon had the ability to create a working area to their desired working height? Our solution is ergonomically designed to help eliminate back pain following long surgical procedures or long working hours, yet adjustable at the touch of a button for their next procedure.

Welcome to the world of Service Columns…

Using height adjustable tables on Service Columns from TECHNIK, ensures the patient can be positioned at a comfortable working height for the veterinary professional.

A variety of table types can be integrated into the Service Columns including tub tables, consulting tables and consultation tables with built-in weigh scales.

Whichever table you choose, the design of the Service Column allows unrestricted access to the patient. The tables can be lowered to floor level for patient transfer and raised to the preferred working height using the electronic controller.

The working load ensures safe patient handling up to 100kg. Service Columns can neatly house whichever services are required, such as water, electric and computer network access. The design is bespoke to your needs.

Configurations can include the Service Columns fitted to walls, positioned centrally from floor to ceiling or back to back configurations. The design can incorporate storage solutions, ensuring the most economic use of space.

A range of surgical and examination lighting can also be integrated into the design, providing powerful and hygienic lighting exactly where it is needed.

The design of the service column allows ease of access to clean around the apparatus, making daily hygiene practices simple. The tables are also available with an Antimicrobial Copper surface. This material is perfect for maximum hygiene and infection control as the copper provides rapid and continuous destruction of pathogenic microbes. Thus guaranteeing a clean surface between touches and between cleans with proven broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy under typical usage conditions. The antimicrobial properties of the copper never wear out and it is fully recyclable.

Speak to one of our friendly sales team for more information on our Service Columns or antimicrobial copper on 01952 885555.