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At TECHNIK we understand that to run a successful veterinary practice, the little details matter too. From waste bins to disposable glove dispensers, accessories are important. Ensuring you have the right equipment in the right place contributes to the smooth day-to-day running of a veterinary practice or shelter.

We have developed a wide range of stainless steel accessories for everyday use throughout veterinary environments. Designed to be hygienic, convenient, durable and long lasting we have accessories for kennel areas, washrooms and general practice areas.

As kennel areas are often one of the busiest areas within veterinary practices and animal shelters, we know how important it is to be organised. This is why we offer a selection of kennel accessories to keep all important documentation and medication where it’s needed. A clip-on kennel door pill tray, hook-on stainless steel clipboards in a range of sizes and kennel IV drip holders are just a few of our kennel accessories.

These accessories are available as part of our full kennels range including – stainless steel dog kennels and Sealwise water proof construction board cat kennels. Find out more about our kennel equipment here.

Washroom accessories are important in helping to ensure a clean, hygienic and comfortable environment. To help you achieve this we provide stainless steel dispensers for paper towels and soap, hand dryers, drinking fountains, mirrors, taps and spares for sinks. All of which are designed to be robust and require little maintenance providing a long-term cost-effective washroom solution.

Our washroom accessories can be found alongside our full sinks and washroom product range. This includes a selection of different sinks from utility room sinks through to hand washing sinks and innovative sinks featuring Dyson Airblade™ Tap Hand Dryers.

Throughout veterinary practices and animal shelters it’s essential that all of the equipment in place is high quality, long lasting and offers value. At TECHNIK we pride ourselves on manufacturing equipment that does just that. Our full range of general practice accessories includes coat and shoe hooks, document organisers,ppe dispensers, jugs, scoops, buckets, trolleys and waste bins.

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Don’t let accessories be an afterthought - We believe that your practice accessories should have the same quality as your high value equipment.

Learn about our full range of veterinary equipment in our Essentials 19 brochure

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