Hand Washing Sinks

TECHNIK Veterinary have developed a range of stainless steel hand wash sinks as we understand that hand sanitation is critical in veterinary surgeries. The range of hand wash sinks includes mini hand wash sinks, wall mounted and basin mounted hand wash sinks to surgeon scrub sinks.

Constructed from stainless steel for durability and easy of cleaning, these sinks are robust and hygienic. Knee push and sensor operated taps provide touch free hand hygiene. You may have an existing sink and are looking to update to sensor operated taps. The economical battery sensor tap can convert sinks to touch-free hand washing sinks with no mains electricity required.

Hand wash station sinks have 1 - 6 stations and can be specified for the type of tap suited to the situation.

Call our friendly sales team today for more information on our range of hand wash sinks and how you can improve hand wash hygiene today.