Cupboards, Drawers and Cabinets

TECHNIK Veterinary have a range of cupboards, drawers and cabinets ideal for a sterile veterinary environment. Manufactured from high quality, durable 304 grade stainless steel, the furniture range for veterinary professionals is ideal for the storage of kits and instruments. Select from a range of veterinary furniture options; drawers and cupboards are designed to be integrated into our range of stainless steel tables.

We supply a concise selection of controlled drugs cabinets, external dispensary cupboards and a first aid cabinets, all which have secure lockable doors.

For the sterile theatre environment we have designed a mobile cabinet and storage unit. The theatre cabinet has additional security with a locking bar protecting the 6 drawers and their contents.

For more information on stainless steel cupboards, drawers and cabinets, call our sales team today.