4 Box Eco Glove Dispenser

4 Box Eco Glove Dispenser

519/011000 shelf

Shelf for L910xW457 cupboard - L 884 x W 396

Enclosed eco glove dispenser

Enclosed stainless steel eco glove dispenser designed for quick and easy access to disposable gloves in hygienic environments.

  • Glove dispenser that holds a box of gloves for easy dispensing of PPE
  • Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel
  • Enclosed holder design allows you to slot a box in from the top with retaining lips to secure the boxes
  • Two fixing holes
  • Open holder options also available which holds one box of gloves
SKU CODE: 548/016318


L136.4 x W81.4 x H247.2mm


L134 x W79 x H246mm