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Sealwise WCB Cat Pens

Options Available

Technik's cat pens are made using Sealwise closed-cell waterproof construction board (WCB), an easily cleanable material coated in additional Biomaster antibacterial technology. Using this material ensures Technik are able to offer modern, ultra-hygienic, long lasting cat pens ideal for any veterinary practice or cat shelter.

Using Sealwise polymer creates a comfortable environment for cats as the material is much warmer on their paws than other traditional stainless steel builds which can help to keep cats calm in what can sometimes be a distressing time for them.

It's not only cats that benefit from Sealwise though, exotics and small furry mammals also benefit from the WCB housing. The material is proven to be robust and long lasting providing you with a long-term solution and with the integration of Biomaster technology the hygienic properties of the pens are proven to remain for the duration of the products lifetime. Biomaster is 99.99% proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria whilst being completely safe for the patient.

Our WCB pens are cat-friendly in design and custom-built as an integrated unit to suit your requirements. Options available as described below - contact +44 (0)1952 885555 to discuss cat pens with our team.

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Range of options includes:

  • Tunnels Sleep areas 
  • Litter tray areas 
  • Dividing walls that open up for the larger family 
  • Cupboards for neat storage 
  • Electrical and service rails for the distribution of electrics and oxygen 
  • Glass doors are recommended as the Polymer Cat Pens lend themselves to a more domestic appearance