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Portable Scales

Height Adjustable Vet Workstations

TECHNIK vet workstations are height adjustable veterinary equipment with a central column housing required services such as electricity and water. These unique workstations ensure the patient can be positioned at a comfortable working height for each individual user. Vet workstations can neatly house any services required, such water, electric and computer and networking access. Veterinary surgeons and nurses can have a convenient, high-quality bespoke working area at the heart of their practice.

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Advantages of vet workstations

  • Perform procedures at the optimum working height
  • Work with unrestricted movement around the patient
  • Safe patient handling up to 100kg. The tables can be lowered to floor level for patient transfer
  • Ease of cleaning around the apparatus

Vet workstations can be specified with

  • Operating table
  • Tub table
  • Consultation table with inbuilt weigh scale

All of these options are completely height adjustable by an electronic controller. This ensures the tables are always accessible at the users preferred working height. A minimum load height of 104mm from floor level, assists with the loading of a heavy patient.

Installations can be fitted onto room walls or positioned centrally from floor to ceiling. Back to back configurations offer an economic use of space and can incorporate TECHNIK storage solutions.

Our equipment is manufactured from the highest quality 304 grade stainless steel. This ensures it is easy to clean, robust and up to the daily challenges of a busy veterinary practice.

TECHNIK will work with you to ensure all your requirements are met, contact the team by enquiring above or give the team a call directly at +44 (0)1952 885555.

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