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Walk-In Kennels

  • Robust, bolt together design, easy to clean unit
  • Adjustable feet for easy levelling
  • Available in two sizes and storage capacity
  • Eco 12 pair - L1590 x W430 x H420mm
  • Eco deluxe 20 pair - L2220 x W400 x H400mm
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Full glass door -
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Combi door -
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Full caged door -
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Critical care door -
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Not only do we make standard kennels and walk-in kennel doors but we also make bespoke kennel schemes to suit your individual needs.

Technik walk-in kennels are now available in a variety of door options:

  • Toughened glass, frosted for privacy if required
  • Gated as standard
  • Combination, with lower level toughened glass, and higher level gate for complete privacy with open ventilation

Call today for more information regarding our bespoke door options

We manufacture a huge range of walk-in kennels, all in 304 grade stainless steel.

  • Doors are available with bars, mesh, solid sheet, or toughened safety glass and perspex.
  • Side partitions with stainless steel, trespa or hdpe inserts.
  • Roofs from mesh and back panels from stainless steel

We make in a huge variety of styles to suit your application.

Choose from different styles of latches, locks, door retainers, bump stops, sniff hole vents, kerbing details, etc. In fact the list is endless.

Full Glass Door

Toughened safety glass, available in clear, frosted and tinted options. Designed to create a quiet environment ideally suited for patients requiring high levels of observation

Combi doors offer:

A combination style door – Low level toughened safety glass for ease of cleaning and high level bars for ventilation and observation. Frosted glass and tinted options available for patient privacy.

Full cage doors offer:

A caged style door with full length bars for ventilation and observation.

Critical care doors offer:

A glass door with a bracket designed to hang critical care infusion pumps from. Designed to create an environment suited for patients who require high levels of observation and the use of an infusion pump.