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Water Spray Guns and Nozzles

Water spray guns and wash nozzles for effective washing in hygienic environments. Four types of spray gun available.

  • Ecojet range - between 10-20 bars
  • Heavy duty range - 24 bars
  • Premium range - 24 bars
  • Air water gun is a manual high pressure water gun for very efficient cleaning - 3-4 bars
  • Standard wash nozzle also available maximum pressure 4 bar
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Ecojet Light
Ecojet Standard
Heavy Duty - Stainless Steel
Heavy Duty - Brass
Premium Duty Spray Gun
Air Water Gun
Wash Nozzle
  • Ecojet Light has a max water pressure of 10 bars and temperature of 85°C.
  • Ecojet Standard has a bronze body with water pressure up to 20 bars and temperature up to 90°C
  • Ecojet and air water gun are trigger operated with locker mechanism for continuous water spray
  • Available in white, red or blue

  • Heavy duty washdown guns
  • Maximum working pressure 24 bar / 350 psi
  • Adjustable spray pattern
  • Available with either brass or stainless steel, both with rubber shrouds and insulated trigger

  • Premium washdown gun
  • Maximum working pressure 24 bar / 350 psi
  • Constructed in brass and stainless steel
  • Comes with trigger guard
  • Adjustable spray pattern